Criteria for Participation

The INTERMUSICA Birkfeld 2015 is open to all musicians born in 1985 or thereafter who play the following instruments:

Flute • Oboe • Clarinet • Bassoon • Alto Saxophone • Trumpet • Bugle • Trombone and Bass Trombone • Euphonium • Tuba

Conditions of Entry Application

Registration for the INTERMUSICA Birkfeld 2015 is open from 1 January to 15 June 2015. Confirmation of admission will be sent until 30 June 2015.

In addition to the on-line registration form, please send the following documents to or the below postal address.

  • 1 CV (Schooling in music, successes/competitions and orchestra experience)  
  • 1 uncut sound sample (8-15 minutes, piece of your choice, accompaniment is optional)  
  • 1 letter of recommendation from a renowned musician, music teacher or professor of music  
  • 1 photograph (format 15x10cm or 300 dpi - for the programme booklet)

If you chose to e-mail your documents/material, please upload your sound sample onto Youtube or a similar platform and send us the link only. Please do not send us your entire sound sample via e-mail because the file will be too large for our account.

Alternatively, please send the documents to

Verein zur Förderung der INTERMUSICA
Hauptplatz 13
8190 Birkfeld

Registration fee

The registration fee of € 150 (free of charge to the recipient) is to be paid to our account

Verein zur Förderung der Intermusica
IBAN: AT283802300000026500

at the time of registration or by 15 June 2015 at the latest. If a candidate is not accepted by the INTERMUSICA Committee, the registration fee will be refunded. However, if a registered candidate is unable to attend or cancels, for any reason, the registration fee will not be refunded.

Acceptance of Conditions

Upon taking part in the competition "INTERMUSICA Birkfeld" the soloist and the orchestra grants the organizers all rights in connection with their performance. The granting of all rights expressly includes the unconditional right to record the performance on any audio-visual medium along with the right to reproduce such media and the right to present the performance to the general public for interactive download. By way of his/her signature on the application the participant accepts as binding the conditions of entry and the competition conditions as well as the decision of the jury. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded. Applicants who do not comply with the competition requirements may be excluded. An elimination round is also to be counted on.

Call for entries - Intermusica Birkfeld 2015

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