Jury and Assessment

Chair of the Jury

Univ.-Prof. Uwe Köller, Germany, University for Music and Performing Arts Graz; German Brass

Members of the Jury

- ex-chairman of the Jury - Prof. Philipp Fruhmann, Deputy Federal Bandmaster of the Austrian Association of Wind Orchestras

- Prof. Carsten Svanberg, Denmark, formerly University for Music and Performing Arts Graz

- Prof. Peter Rohrsdorfer, Austria, Anton Bruckner Private University

- Prof. Josef Gnos, Switzerland, Senior Orchestra Lucerne, formerly Director of the Department for Wind Instruments at the Lucerne School of Music


The jury will assess the performance of the soloists in accordance with the following official criteria of the CISM:

• Harmonizing and intonation
• Tone and sound quality
• Phrasing and articulation
• Technical performance
• Dynamics and balance
• Musical expressivity
• Style and interpretation